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Updated: 01/27/02

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Sunday, 27 January, 2002

What a glorious weekend! It was in the 60's here - our annual mid-winter thaw that we usually have and always forget about. Most of the Pier residents had their windows open and one of our marina denizens took his sailboat out. All I can say is that gol-durned rodent in Punxsutawney sure as heck better not see his shadow next weekend, because I am ready to have this spring weather on tap.

Despite the warm weather, I was very productive. Tended the houseplants, changed the filter and the water in the koi pond, cleaned the fishcage (before the fish had to start tapping on the glass this time!), cleaned both bathrooms, washed windows, changed the bed linens, purged the refrigerator, did several loads of dishes and laundry, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen. Whew! Oh, and I scanned some new pictures of the Machu Picchu trip in 1997. Nothing dramatic, just photos of one of the most impressive ancient cities on the planet, IMHO.

I also went to the grocery store. Errr. . . no, I didn't say that right. What I meant to say was, I went FOOD SHOPPING. That is the correct Philadelphia expression for going to the grocery store. Food shopping. I guess it is technically accurate. But it is one of those expressions that I just can't get the hang of.

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