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Updated: 01/07/02

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Monday, 7 January, 2002

It rained. Well, OK, it DID snow in some places - those infamous northern and western suburbs got a couple of inches, and sure enough, Terry Ruggles was out there in his geeky parka sticking that darn ruler in the snow this morning. But overall, it just rained.

The weather forecasters are backpedaling now. Where yesterday afternoon, the graphics still screamed, "WINTER STORM WATCH" they are now mumbling quietly about "the weather system."

Not to say that we're in the clear yet, since we're having spitting, rainy snow flurries - "drizzle-flur" - right now and they are suggesting that we might get some snow later in the afternoon, just in time to mess up everyone's trip home. And it will, too, because people around here cannot drive in snow. Wait, no, I have misspoken. People around here cannot DRIVE. Period.

People always stereotype Southern California drivers as bad, which is (for the most part) not true. So Cal drivers drive fast, but they do know HOW to drive, except in the rain and on hills. But here it seems that the following concepts are foreign to a large percentage of the drivers:

Four way stops
Dimming one's brights
"Exit Only" lanes on the highways
Turn indicators

I think it is for the best that I do not own a car here. This much defensive driving is too tiring.

Mom called this morning from LAX on her way back to Hawaii. She said she had a lovely, greasy Burger King breakfast while waiting for her flight. I bet she's not going to be having "wintry mix" in Honolulu.

Oh - I've posted a new link for the NBC 10 Weather Window Camera. You need Window Media Player to use it. It shows a live feed from the Camden, NJ Aquarium looking across the Delaware River toward Philadelphia and the Ben Franklin Bridge, right next to my condo. So if you ever want to know what it's looking like at Chez Kay, give it a click. And if you act NOW (January 7, 2002, 5:07 p.m.) you can see real, live drizzle-flur!

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Full of sound and flurry
signifying nothing."

-- me

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