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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gentle Reader

I have a reader! I have been feeling so free and easy thinking that the only people that looked at my blog were Kay, Ron and Jody! I think LaVerne looks at it now that they are back in the US. I discovered yesterday that there is another reader! How exciting is that? Kay wrote and said that one of her friends had wanted to send me birthday greetings but his email was bounced. He also said that he is a faithful reader of Momís blog.

I am suddenly feeling pressure to be clever and witty and scintillating, to write well, to never have a typo or a misspelling or a grammatical error. No longer is the blog read only by forgiving family eyes but now other eyes are reading it Ė at least two. I am hoping that my Honored Gentle Reader will read with the same grace and courtesy that he showed in his greetings. In the family letter that I write each week, I always have this disclaimer:

I do not edit nor do I compose.

Perhaps I will have to post this same disclaimer on the blog.

I feel so special! I have to go and write a blog.

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