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Sunday, December 24, 2006


Hallelujah! That is what we sang in church this morning. The choir director asked everyone who had ever sung the Hallelujah Chorus to come up to the platform and stand on the risers and sing. Even though I have sung it, I deferred to real singers. The platform was full and then the impromptu choir and the congregation all sang it together. It was really quite thrilling. We also sang two Christmas songs with all the verses. There was a harpist who played. Now it feels as though it is Christmas even though it is 80 degrees outside and the trees have lemons and oranges decorating them.

Even though the Christmas cards I didnít get sent will mysteriously become New Yearís cards tomorrow and I didnít get everything accomplished that I had planned, it is Christmas and I trust you all will be happy and blessed.

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