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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


“Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold,” and that is how the story of Rapunzel messes with our minds. We think that we will have magnificent long hair as fine as spun gold. The Bible also says that a woman’s hair is her glory. I don’t know too many women who think that. We are always having to fool with our hair. It is too long, it is too short, it is too straight, it is too curly. We never have Goldilocks hair – just right.

It has been ten years since I have had a permanent. I have decided that I should let my hair grow a little but that wasn’t right so I decided that I needed a little body wave in it, and I am afraid that won’t be right either. Ten years ago, in 1996, Mark and I were in Europe. I had gotten a perm just before I left. By the time we got to Italy I needed a haircut. When I considered the hurdles I would have to jump to tell an Italian hairdresser how I wanted my hair, I asked Mark if he would cut it for me. He did a magnificent job and cut my hair for about ten years. In the last few years, he tended to cut it a bit short so I decided to find another hairdresser, and that is where I am now. We will see how this turns out.

When we were little girls, we always longed for the day when we would be old enough to comb and braid our grandmother’s hair. Her hair was long enough for her to sit on. I recently saw a picture of her with her hair unbound, probably to show how long it was. It was rather scary looking. I have decided that maybe a granny hairstyle wouldn’t be the most becoming. So until further notice I will look in the mirror each month and wonder what to try next.

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