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Saturday, September 30, 2006

You Can’t Get There From Here

Ron sent an email yesterday about flying around the world with a wonderful link to the information Round the World

This program offers:
• From 3 to 15 stops*
• Minimum stay = 10 days
• Maximum stay = 1 year
• Advance bookings not required**
• No seasonal fares

Round the World 26,000 miles =
Amsterdam/Mexico City/Houston/Los Angeles/Tokyo/ Bangkok/Amsterdam.
1,999 EUR in Economy Class.

Round the World 29,000 miles =
Seoul/Rome/Paris/Prague/New York/Atlanta/Lima/ Mexico City/Los Angeles/Honolulu/Seoul.
3,046,100 KRW in Economy Class;
5,415,400 KRW in Business Class;
9,611,900 KRW in First Class.

Round the World 34,000 miles =
Paris/New York/Miami/Houston/Sao Paulo/Mexico City/Los Angeles/Honolulu/Tokyo/Bangkok/Paris.
2,749 EUR in Economy Class;
6,249 EUR in Business Class;
10,499 EUR in First Class.

Round the World 39,000 miles =
New York/Paris/Rome/Madrid/Prague/Moscow/Amsterdam/ Bangkok/Seoul/Beijing/ Tokyo/Los Angeles/Mexico/ Santiago de Chile/Buenos Aires/Atlanta/New York.
5,150 USD in Economy Class;
9,950 USD in Business Class;
14,013 USD in First Class.

I am trying to fly from Orange County to Billings – that is 1298 miles. I suppose I could look on the fact that I will have to make two stops in between as exciting. I supposed that I could look on the fact that I will spend eight hours and 47 minutes going those miles in a little shuttle as a travel adventure, to say nothing of the six hours and 47 minutes returning. I thought it was interesting that the itinerary speaks of the duration of the flight – yes, I will endure it and be glad that I am going but also since I am spending $465.80 for the flight, there seems to be a disparity between the flights around the world and the flight to Billings. I could have spent more on this flight – much more. I could have spent $2,121.00 and on some flights I could have spent up to 13 hours and 20 minutes, not just in the air, but waiting for a connection!

Even with the Euro at 1.2687 per $1, I could fly Amsterdam/Mexico City/Houston/Los Angeles/Tokyo/ Bangkok/Amsterdam for only $2,536.13 and I could probably see something other than the inside of the Las Vegas or Denver airports. . . and earn all those miles.

I am beginning to sound like Andy Rooney.

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