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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dance of the Seven Bedcovers

This week will usher in the first day of fall. This morning it was rather cool in the house. This means that until the weather settles down to a steady temperature, we will be doing our semi-annual changing of the bed covers. Mmmm is much more sensitive to hot and cold than I am and I often wake up to find that he has covered his shoulders with a towel or a sweater or a small coverlet. That means it is time to try to find the right cover for this day. Do we add another light blanket to the one we have on the bed already? Do we dig out the lightweight down comforter? Do we put the heavier one on? Do we put the silk comforter on? That is the choice we made Ė silk. My youngest sister suggested that we consider getting one to alleviate me sniffles and sneezes in the morning. We purchased one two years ago. It is, they say:

1) 100 % natural. I donít know that I have ever had any bedding that was unnatural.
2) Highly durable. We will see
3) Hypo-allergenic. Seems to be
4) Year-round comfort. Nope, it is too much in the summer for both of us.
5) 100% Virgin silk filling. It claims to be hand-layered, luxuriously soft and breathable silk floss. Seems to be.
6) 100% cotton cover. Check.

It is lightweight and I donít sneeze and it is soft and comfy. Mmmm seemed to sleep well last night so maybe there will only be one change - - at least until later in the week. Often we change three or four times in four or five days so sleeping under silk, no matter how decadent that sounds, is a good thing, to quote Martha Stewart, the Queen of Good Things.

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