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August 31, 2009

Pearl Wick

When Kay was little we bought a hamper by Pearl Wick. It still stands in the bath off of the master bedroom although it makes it a little tight in there. What was remarkable about the hamper was the box it came in. I don’t think it was that big but Kay and Michael, the boy across the street, used to play “Pearl Wick”. Kay would call Michael and ask if he wanted to play “Pearl Wick”. The answer was usually “Yes”.

Kids can have a world of fun playing in and with boxes. Right now there are boxes waiting to be taken away since I am getting new kitchen appliances. It makes me rather sad to think of the fun that will go with those boxes. One year the neighbor across the street had a renter that was an artist and she made a castle out of a refrigerator box for the kids. That was a wonderful stimulus package – it stimulated imagination!

Kids are marvelously inventive. Kay once made a horse. Yes you heard me right – a horse. She wanted a horse so much so she made one from a saw horse, a couple of boards, some stuffing, some left-over fabric, some yarn, a couple of buttons, I think, and lots and lots of imagination. She rode him in the living room.

Yes, kids now-a-days have X-Boxes and all sorts of electronic stuff but I don’t know that they are ever as satisfying as actually making a horse, or a house, or a castle. Let’s play Pearl Wick.

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