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Thursday, August 24, 2006


This morning a disembodied voice in the hallway alerted me to the imminent danger of dying because the batteries in the smoke alarm were low.

When I logged on to the internet, AOL gave me a serious heads-up about the dangers of nefarious people phishing and stealing my identity by trolling through web sites and getting information.

There was an email from Kay telling me that since I am such a blabber mouth (not her words) she has put a password on sensitive items on my blog. Niece Jody had suggested this. Without Kay and Jody I would be in sorry shape.

Wikpedia gives the following explanation for the title of this blog:

“Danger, Will Robinson!” is a recently-popularized English catch phrase derived from the classic 1960s American television series Lost in Space. The phrase characterizes the relationship between two of its regular characters, the Robot and Will Robinson over the course of several episodes of that series. The autonomous (and nameless) robot takes a protective attitude toward Will, and alerts him thus to dangerous situations, expecting Will to take immediate action to protect himself. The robot cannot do everything, even though its sensors are amazingly sensitive:

“Warning! Warning! Alien spacecraft approaching!”

In hacker culture and in English-speaking society generally, this catch phrase currently serves as a facetious method to inform an associate that they are about to make a stupid mistake—that there’s a factor he or she overlooked which ought to be taken into account.

So now I am protected and if there is anyone reading this blog other than Kay and Ron . . . and probably Don Ryan of Cow Waterbed fame (see Kay’s blog of Wednesday, August 23, 2006), and you absolutely must see a picture of my Great Grand-father, please contact me and after I run you through Interpol and the FBI database and various other places, we will talk.

I feel much better now.

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