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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pardon Me

I have fallen in love – with my great-grand niece, Autumn. We are absolutely enchanted by this little 2 ½ year old, blue eyed, verbal, darling. Yes, I know that she will turn three and then four and perhaps will not be so darling then, but for now she is adorable.

Here are some of the reasons she is so loveable:
1) Her southern mother has instilled a remarkable vocabulary of polite phrases. Without prompting she says, “Please,” and “Thank you,” and “Excuse me,” and “Sorry.” These words come out at the appropriate times and with sincerity.
2) She has a sunny personality and is a happy and compliant two-year-old.
3) She is very smart and applies logic far beyond her years – and isn’t aware of it.
4) She has a well developed sense of humor. Her eyes sparkle as she says, “What?” and then waits for you to repeat what you just said.
5) She entertains herself with simple things. She entertained herself with a weighted bunch of balloons for a week.
6) She accepts “no” for an answer and does not whine.

When you combine all these things with funny and cute sayings, how can you resist? When she saw my sister, Anita, out of the window, she said, “Anita’s cute!” and she is. When she would see me, she would ask, “Where’s Aunt Bernie?” since we were usually together. She would arrange the seating, saying, “Sit there!” When her grandparents were taking her back home, they stopped at a rather nice restaurant and ordered an appetizer for the whole table as well as individual orders. When the appetizer came she exclaimed, “Well, my Goodness! Where’s my Mac and Cheese?”

We found it hard to return her after having her for a week while Mom and Dad, Papa and Meema were gone to Washington DC. Can’t wait to see how she turns out. She is a keeper

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