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July 17, 2009

99˘ Store

Once in a great while I will go to the 99˘ store. I am always amazed at the things that the 99˘ store sells. The store in Billings sold a fall (a hair piece that is attached to a comb) to my grand-niece and she wore it a lot for a while. It was blonde and actually matched her hair quite well. She was in her Mrs. Montana phase and loved all the tiaras and fancy shoes and dress up that went with it. She likes bling so it may be a permanent phase. She often asks her indulgent aunt to take her to the 99˘ store when there is something she just must have.

Our 99˘ store is somewhat different in that they carry fresh produce and food items as well. I look at the ads and see if there is something that is good. I have gotten wonderful cantaloupe there as well as good watermelon and other produce and no, the produce isn’t made in China and is usually local. The chives that are thriving in my herb pot came from there. This week I was on my way back from an appointment and the store was on my way so I stopped in and bought 6 ripe tomatoes, a cantaloupe (Ms. Callie loves it), some French rolls, a dozen eggs, cauliflower, and broccoli among other things. I was surprised to find that evidently there is a big Danish population in Warsaw, Poland, at least there are jars of orange marmalade with the label “Danish Choice” made in Poland. There are also “Lil Dutch Maids” baking cookies in Abilene Texas. I did read one review that said they make the best knock off Oreos ever. I will say their sugar cookies are excellent. Do you think those Lil Dutch Maids get homesick?

Maybe it is the economy or maybe people are just sharp shoppers, but pushing the shopping carts are well-dressed people picking up the bargains. See you there!

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