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July 14, 2008

Every Woman Needs a Tool Kit

This was my sister Euniceís phrase. She firmly believed that every woman should have a tool kit outfitted with the things that might be needed should she have to tighten a screw, replace something, measure or cut or level. Eunice was able to do so many things and her tool kit was large and heavy, full of every tool that Eunice regularly used. It was stored in the front hallway ready to be opened whenever there was an emergency.

I thought of Eunice this weekend when I needed an Allen Wrench to tighten the screws in the rolling cart in the kitchen. I looked everywhere for the right size wrench but couldnít find one. I looked in the hall closet, in the box where I keep tools. I looked in my tool kit. I looked in the garage to find Mmmmís tool kit and then closed the garage door again, without actually searching. No Allen Wrench so the cart is still wobbly.

Mmmmís tool kit was made for him by his dad. It is made of wood and is painted black. It is relatively small as tool kits go (Euniceís is bigger). It is great because it was made with love and care. Famps also made the shelves and cabinets in the study. He made the green cabinet in Mmmmís room, he made little stools for me. He was very generous and thoughtful and each piece is special because he made them.

Once when Eunice was visiting, we went to Sears and she insisted that I get a tool kit Ė because every woman needs one. Mine is red and much smaller than hers. I also donít have the variety of tools that she had in hers. One thing that I do have is a needle nose plier, because Eunice said that every woman needs one. I also have a tool or two that my dad had and I love to look at them and think of him handling these very tools. He took good care of his tools and I think each sister has a tool that he had. He taught us to take care of tools: you donít leave them outside overnight Ė they will rust; you use them for the purpose for which they were made Ė you donít use a table knife as a screwdriver; you respect another personís tools and ask before using and return when done.

One thing that Daddy didnít pass on to me was an Allen Wrench. . .wobble, wobble.

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