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July 9, 2008

Potatoes Redux

redux adj - a Latin word that means "brought back", "revisited".

I have the most marvelous nieces and nephews, to say nothing of a spectacular daughter. Jody, one of the marvelous nieces, sent me an email and I have asked her if I might copy it in part. She wrote:

I enjoyed your blog on potatoes. I'm not much of a fan of potatoes though. I must not have that gene that you and Carol have. Your story reminded me of Sky and his garden.

This photo was taken in 1989 so he was two and a half that summer. As Clark tells the story, Sky was a garden terrorist, wrecking havoc on our garden when he was one. So the next year, he got his own area to garden. He ignored our advice, (don't water too much, don't pull the plants out and re-bury them) and took care of his garden as he saw fit. Towards the end of the summer, there wasn't much left growing in his plot. Then one day, he showed up in the house with his harvest. Apparently the poor potato plant had been disturbed so much that instead of growing a bunch of potatoes, it had sunk all its energy into the one huge potato that remained. I think it was 2.5 pounds.

If you can see this picture it is because of my spectacular daughter who posted it.

Sky with his harvest

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