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June 22, 2009


I am now on Facebook. Several people said, “You should be on Facebook!”. And so I am. Now I am not sure why. As I spent the first Facebook day at my computer, I discovered that I really need a tutorial to even know what to do. It seems to be a very popular way for people to communicate, although they seem to be mostly young and very creative and inventive. Some of my older friends have said that it is a wonderful way to stay in touch with children and grandchildren. Now my daughter stays in touch with me regularly and I have no grandchildren and I stay in touch with about 60 people daily with the Daily Mail that I write, I am not sure that any of them want to hear more from me. Besides, my life is pretty boring. How excited can you get about my three times a week trips to Curves or my doing the laundry or an in depth discussion of my cat’s sleeping habits?

I decided that what Facebook reminds me of is tending Sour Dough Starter. One time I carefully followed the directions in Sunset magazine and made a sour dough starter. I put the flour, water, sugar and salt in a ceramic container outside, loosely covered, of course, and captured some wild yeast spores and I was in business. I guess the San Francisco sour dough bread is made in some cases from starter that is many, many years old. I should have investigated further and perhaps read up more. One article says:

“The novel thing about sourdough baking is that it requires that you keep something alive in your fridge. I think of my starter as a pet, kept and fed so that Sandra and I will have all the bread we need. “

Yikes! I don’t need another pet and who will I find to take care of while I am gone? I remember going to a meeting in San Antonio and discovering that another Area Advisor had brought her starter along since it had to be taken care of! I discovered a few loaves after my starter kicked in that we couldn’t eat all the bread and then what do you do – euthanize the starter? I did – it went down the disposal.

To return to my analogy, I am beginning to feel that I might do what Kay does – ignore Facebook. However, I was thrilled to find out the most of the nieces and nephews that are on Facebook “friended” me, and that touched me. I also discovered that long lost colleagues have communicated and that is very nice, but I don’t want to sit hunched over the computer for long periods or have another pet. We will have to see how this develops. If it is a lovely way of reaching out (I am somewhat intrigued by the “Six Degrees of Separation – an experiment) or if it will be an albatross around my neck to mix several metaphors. In the meantime, feel free to "friend" me

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