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by Christina Lamb

June 14, 2008

It’s the Little Things

I felt rather like Maria in The Sound of Music this morning when I found myself getting happy over the smallest things like the plums on the tree getting pink. I think if you can find joy in the small things, life is so much easier and more fun. When I say small things, I mean things such as:

. Rosy pink plums
. A phone call from a child
. A phone call from a sister
. A perfectly ripe avocado
. A purring cat
. Spotting a humming bird at the window
. A gardenia blossom
. Sunshine in the early morning
. The smell of the ocean
. Finding a perfect shell
. An email from an old friend
. An email from a niece (or nephew)
. Losing 5 pounds (that may be a big thing)
. Having your husband fix your breakfast
. Finding an old note from your child

I found an old note from Kay today. She had evidently dictated it to me on Saturday, August 29, 1970. It said:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I want to tell you that I lost a tooth but couldn’t find it.
Will you take this note in place of the tooth? And if I find the tooth I will put it under my pillow.

I found myself getting happy over seeing her six-year-old signature. She printed, “Love” and wrote “Kay.”

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