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May 21, 2009

Flying Solo

Yesterday was a big day for me. For many years, in fact ever since he retired in 1993, Mark has been doing the grocery shopping and the banking and the errand running and so forth. He was an excellent shopper and read the grocery ads and clipped coupons. He also always put gas in the car. Ever since we purchased this car, he has put gas in and I never have . . . not for 8 years. I always told him that this was his car since he researched it, picked it out and purchased it. I didnít see it until he drove it in the driveway. It was a running joke with us that I refused to put gas in the car, perhaps because I thought we should get a four door. If you had ever seen his brother try to get in and out of this car with his poor arthritic body, you would have known why.

Because of this running joke, some people think that I donít know HOW to put gas in a car. To the contrary, I filled the cars with gas for many years. When I went to Hawaii as Area Advisor for BSF, I put gas in the cars. . . all sorts of cars. I put gas in the cars when Mark was working. I just have never put gas in this car. One of my neighbors, who is older than I, offered to come by and go to the gas station with me and show me how to how to gas up a car. I assured her that I could do it. I will admit that I asked niece Carol to put gas in before she went back to Montana. Yesterday nephew Ron offered to gas up for me but by then I had already put gas in, bought groceries, gone to the bank, bought cat food and litter and even bought bird seed for the wild birds. I may have gotten the wrong kind but we will see if the birds will eat it. I am able to do all these things on my own.

Incidentally, the man at the gas station, perhaps because I am old and short, offered to help me if I ever needed help. I will admit that it was more fun when Mark was doing these things but I have passed my solo flight in these areas and so far, all is well.

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