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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Light and Dark

This morning I experienced light as I looked out the window and saw a brilliant orange, white and black bird at the bird bath. It was a Bullockís Oriole. I havenít seen one for a long time. Then another little Humming Bird showed up at the bird bath. The lilac bush is full of leaves and seems to be thriving. The orange, grapefruit and lemon trees are full of blossoms and the fruit is setting on. The peaches as well as the plums and grapes are setting fruit as well. The almonds trees are full of nuts which are getting larger and larger. The geraniums are full of blossoms and there is a beautiful blossom on the potted gardenia by the front door. It is a wonderful time of year. It is the time of year when the whole world lights up.

I am sure we are all aware of the horrific events at Virginia Tech. As a mother, I always want to pick up the phone and make sure MY child is safe. Of course she is. When she was in her teens, she was very thoughtful of that part of me and carried coins to call me if we heard a siren. Was I a little paranoid? Probably. I can only imagine the grief and sorrow that the families of those who were killed are experiencing. My nieceís mother-in-law died last night too, from the effects of disease, not from volence. We expect older people to die but not kids in college.

There are dark forces out there. I heard someone, speaking at the convocation, saying that those who believe as she does, think that everyone is inherently good. As a Christian, I think we are inherently prone to sin. I donít believe that you ever have to teach a child to be selfish or to get angry or lie. We are born with that old nature in us, but thank God, we have a way to have a new nature transplant, through Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.

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