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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Death and Taxes

Yes, both are inevitable, but I am more concerned right now with the latter. I am so relieved Ė the taxes are done and have been sent off. I have always done the taxes except for one year when we had someone do them. Unfortunately, he did them wrong and we had to file an amendment and he charged a very large sum, so I do it myself. I am so thankful for TurboTax. We used to have our annual fight at tax time. We didnít really fight Ė we just discussed, with vigor. Now we donít even discuss. I will admit I get a little cranky now and then during this season. Mmmm appeases me with take out food.

Which leads us to Death. I donít know how our daughter will feel about this, but a little on line test we took (I am sure it is very accurate) says that we will both live well into our mid 90ís! How about that? I have enough time to have another career, but what to do? Should I go to school and get a degree? Shall I start looking at the ads in the paper? Shall I go to MacDonaldís and assure them that I am very good at wiping tables and I donít mind wearing sensible shoes and a hairnet?

Since Mmmm is going to live a very long time, I think we might continue as is. We have too much fun to go back to work, either one of us.

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