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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I have lost my snap. When our daughter was growing up I would signal my disapproval of her actions with a snap. I would snap my fingers two or three times and she would freeze, knowing that continuing whatever it was she was doing would have dire results. She even had me demonstrate my finger snapping ability to her colleagues during one of my visits to her office.

I think that the loss of finger snapping ability came about as a direct result of my activity at Curves. All of the machines are hydraulic and the harder you work the machines, the more resistance and ergo – the more results. . . at least in theory. My hands are sore and hurt if I try to snap. Of course, I haven’t had to snap my fingers at my daughter for many years. I think she cringed when she heard it, however, it seemed to work. She is a Mary Poppins kind of daughter – practically perfect in every way.

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