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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Bedtime Stories

I think a book about Peter Freuchen, Arctic Explorer, was the first book that we read aloud to each other. In the years before we were married, we read a number of books aloud. After Peter Freuchen, we read a book about Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Mt Everest, and then we read Kon Tiki. Years later, when we went to Europe for the first time, we visited the museum in Oslo and were thrilled to see the actual Kon Tiki. We went on to read about the Ra Expedition to the Easter Islands. We obviously read mostly adventure and travel books.

Mmmm doesn’t read as much as I. He has mostly read technical books so he reads more slowly but very thoroughly. He is probably the best proof-reader that I know. We started reading to our daughter when she was born. Our earliest purchases for her were books: a book of nursery rhymes, a book of fairy tales, a book of poetry and a book of children’s songs. As she was growing up, we both read to her. She and I would go to the library often and come home with armfuls of books. I was rather sad when she learned to read and she no longer needed me to read to her. I continued to read the books she read, however. One of my choicest gifts was a set of Little House On the Prairie books. She said, “I know you will love these” – and I did and I do.

I am a very poor passenger in a car. Let us just say that I am nervous. I draw my breath in through my teeth in a very irritating way. I am likely to emit little moans and groans. I decided that a way to eliminate this was to read aloud in the car. Over the years we have read lots of books. When Mmmm retired I began reading more and more books aloud. We have read through the Bible a few times, we have read history, biography, autobiography, fiction, and non-fiction. We usually read at bedtime and enjoy sharing the experience of books, as we are all tucked up in bed. We have read many Dick Francis books (mysteries, especially about horses), John Grisham books, Bill Bryson books (humorous travel books) and many others. Kay sends me books and I send her books. I pass books on to my sisters that read, although it is hard since I really love my books and would like to keep them all.

We are almost at the end of our most recent book and will chose a new one soon. I can hardly wait.

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