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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stephanie Edwards – Update

You have to love this guy – Frank Mickadeit, the OC Register columnist. He has taken up the case of Stephanie Edwards in a big way and has suggested that she be the Rose Parade Grand Marshal. He says that hundreds of people have contacted him hoping to do something about KTLA kicking her out of the booth. Since nothing is going to happen there, he is suggesting a Bob Eubanks/Stephanie Edwards co-grand Marshalship. Bob Eubanks’ contract is up this year and it is unlikely that KTLA will renew it since he is five years older that Stephanie. I understand that KTLA told Stephanie that she was a bit long in the tooth and needed to move on.

A theme has already been chosen for the 2008 parade, it may be too late for next year, but we could suggest it for 2009. As Mr. Mickadeit’s column goes on to explain:

The two biggest arguments I foresee are:
1) B. & S. aren’t big enough
2) B. & S. don’t conform to the theme

Here is where he gets really smart and funny. He writes:

While the list of Rose Parade grand marshals does include giants of our collective American consciousness (Walt Disney, ’66; John Wayne, ’73; Shirley Temple, ’39, ’89, and ’99) it’s not as if they must be of that stature. B. & S. would seem to rank with past GM’s like Regis Philbin (’02) and Art Linkletter (’03). And some years the GM was only so honored because of his or her service to the parade. Think of Lathrop K. Leishman (and who doesn’t), a former parade president who was G.M. in 1979. I’m sure he was a nice guy. B. & S., however, have both a modest degree of celebrity and longtime service (albeit paid) to the parade.

And it’s not as if the parade is always particular about matching theme and G.M. Yes, John Williams was perfect for the 2004 theme, “Music, Music, Music.” But we’ve had some tortured pairings. 1971: Theme: “Through the Eyes of a Child.” G.M.: Billy Graham. 1983: Theme: “Rejoice.” G.M.: Merlin Olson. 2006: Theme: “It’s Magical.” G.M. Sandra Day O’Connor. Huh? Does she do card tricks?

The real reason to fear for B. & S.’s chances is political: Would it appear to be a slap in the face of Rose Parade’s long time partner, KTLA? The heck with KTLA, I say. A lot of people liked the Home & Garden Television broadcast just fine. You can write parade President Paul Holman at rosepr@rosemail.org

So I say, let’s rattle the cage of the President of the Parade and let him know how much we want our Stephanie back. OK – all of you, yes, all four of you, contact Mr. Holman. (Don’t tell him I sent you).

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