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Updated: 12/30/02

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Monday, 30 December, 2002

So whaddya think? Is it a clone? Have these scientists [nutballs] really managed to create a cloned human being? Who are these people, anyway?

The company, Clonaid, is founded by Raelians, followers of former French journalist Claude Vorilhon, who now calls himself Rael. He claims to be a direct descendant of extraterrestrials who created human life on Earth through genetic engineering.

The Raelian organization says it comprises some 55,000 members worldwide, with highest concentrations in France, Canada and Japan. Outside researchers have suggested the membership may be smaller.

[France. I am so surprised.]

They have a website! Unfortunately the link for their Extra Terrestrial Themepark, UFO Land, isn't working. They're way big into crop circles, though.

The Raelians eventually hope to develop adult clones into which humans could transfer their brains.

[Just promise me one thing: please don't clone this:]



Brigitte Boisselier, chief executive of Clonaid

Cloning for posteriety aside, what the Raelians really hope to do is establish an "Embassy" for their interplanetary friends. Here's the statement from their website:

There is at present no way that an extra-terrestrial race can officially enter into contact with humanity without breaking local or international laws, without being perceived as a threat or without appearing to support the politics and morals of that territory. To overcome all these obstacles they need an embassy.

These extra-terrestrials, the Elohim, have requested that their embassy be as close to Jerusalem as possible. They wish to descend and land inside the embassy in front of representatives of all the world's media and be open to everyone. From their embassy, they will be able to come and go as they wish and control their own accessibility, rather than being controlled by anyone else. They wish to be able to invite representatives of governments and other institutions to the embassy and also particularly individuals who have clear records of a positive effect on humanity.

"As close to Jerusalem as possible?" Like they're aren't ENOUGH people claiming turf rights there? Say, here's an idea, let's send Rael and his flock over to the Middle East and let him explain what he wants to do to the Israelis and the Palestinians. Who knows, maybe beating the snot out of the Raelians is the one thing they can agree on!

UPDATE: According to the website, Rael already asked Israel for permission to establish the Embassy in 1993. Shockingly, this is the response:

The Prime Minister advises the Raelian Religion through his office, that he cannot accede to our request.

[I'm stunned.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"It is said that everyone is born an original and dies a copy."

-- Myron Augsburger (1834 - 1917) French artist

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