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Updated: 12/26/01

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Wednesday, 26 December, 2001

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I had planned to wax nostalgic about how wonderful my Mom is (and she is), but right now I am busy dealing with the computer from hell. So the wonderful Mom version of today's blurb will appear later, possibly tomorrow depending on the laptop.

What's that? Didn't I mention that last night my computer decided - rather abruptly too - that it didn't want to recognize the scanner. After playing nicely with the scanner all weekend, and for the past eight months for all that matter, it flipped out.

That's allright, says I. I'm sure the computer and scanner manuals will tell me what to do.


One always hears stories about how TOTALLY USELESS computer manuals are, and I think that these people must not be looking in the right places. Well, now you may feel that way about me too, because there was not one helpful piece of information in the whole thing. OK, I'll just get on-line and see what IBM has to say about this.

COMPUTER: What modem?
ME: The same modem you've had in your innards since I bought you!
COMPUTER: Modem? We don't have no stinkin' modem!
ME: [sound of pages flipping...]
COMPUTER MANUAL: "You can get support and information at the Thinkpad website."
ME: And I would connect to it...HOW???

So, now at the office with laptop and desktop computers flailing majestically trying to sort this out. I am hoping to avoid the dreaded, "Please see a IBM service office." One more last ditch effort ahead - we'll see.

At any rate, I was unable to post my beautifully written (*ahem*) Christmas missive last night, but I shall do that post-haste. Not sure how long this will take to get fixed, so my apologies in advance. To all five of you.

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"I do not fear computers.
I fear the lack of them."

- Isaac Asimov

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