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Updated: 12/22/01

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Saturday, 22 December, 2001

One of my favorite days of the year! Yes, yes, I know that I was all bobo yesterday about the onset of winter, but today. . . well, today is the beginning of the Optimism Season. Starting today, the days become longer, which gives me hope that eventually the gloves and coats can go back in the closet, and the winter boots can be replaced with Tevas. OK, so not now, but someday.

And on this wonderful longer day, another good omen: my orchids are blooming again. I heard for years about how difficult orchids are to grow, and given my black thumb tendencies and the fact that my dry, north-facing condo has a generally detrimental effect on most of the plants I try to cajole through the winter months, I figured that once they stopped blooming a couple of months ago that they were toast. But no, two of them are not only blooming (or at least "with bud"), but have put out additional sprouts. You go girls!

Definitely a Seinfeld day. I woke up at 5:30, and worked on converting the old TRs to the new website format. It's pretty time consuming, but I hope to have them all done by the end of the weekend. I also began scanning photos from the Monte Carlo/Barcelona trip a few years ago. It was nice to go through the pictures, although it will take me a while to organize them.

I decided not to skate today because a) it was below freezing most of the morning, and b) it's kind of tough to skate while carrying a box of Puffs Plus tissues. Around 11:00 I bundled up and walked to the grocery store. It was brisk, but not too bad. I also tried to find some new Christmas cards, but everything has been picked over and the only ones left were pretty lame so I shall try to make do with the ones that I already had.

I also noticed several people walking around wearing Santa outfits. I wonder if they are doing it for fun, or if they're on their way to work. I suppose working Santas are the only Americans that get "Boxing Day" off.

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Santa is even-tempered. Santa does not hit children over the head who kick him. Santa uses the term folks rather than Mommy and Daddy because of all the broken homes. Santa does not have a three-martini lunch. Santa does not borrow money from store employees. Santa wears a good deodorant."

Jenny Zink (To employees of Western Temporary Services, world's largest supplier of Santa Clauses, NY Times 21 Nov 84)

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