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Updated: 12/20/06

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Wednesday, 20 December, 2006

It sounds like all the relatives up in Seattle have been just hammered by the weather this season. I mean, you all have had snow, and quite a bit of it, while we had a little teeny, tiny fluff of it a couple of weeks ago. You've had rain - no, no, not just the usual "it's rainy in Seattle" sort of rain - but the big, serious, drenching, flooding sort. I know - I was there for quite a bit of it last month. Power outages all over for the past few days and now there's another storm poised to move in - yikes!

We're expecting rain in the next couple of days, but no White Christmas around here. In fact, we're hoping for a Green Christmas.

Eagles Green, that is.

Our much-maligned football team is going to Dallas on Christmas Day to play our arch-enemy the Cowboys that evening. Our season was supposed to be over a month ago when our star quarterback Donovan McNabb went out with a season-ending tendon injury. The next outing was on Thanksgiving weekend against the Colts, which seemed to illustrate what the rest of our season was going to look like: dismal.

But our Birds have put together a winning streak of three games, including two on the road against division rivals. Led by our back-up quarterback, Jeff Garcia, who is now 3 and 1. He's 37 years old, and the Eagles are his fourth team in four years, but he has drawn the team together and forced them to pay attention. Despite some mistakes in the Eagles-Giants game on Sunday afternoon, he led them to a win and the team is in contention for at least a Wild Card berth in the playoffs.

I was in the local bookstore on Monday lunchtime, standing in line to check out. The guy in line in back of me called out to another customer a couple of feet in front of us. Kind of non-descript, balding red-head, greying around the temples.

"Hey Jeff. Jeff! Good game, man!"

He turned to look and smiled. I gave him a thumbs up.

[Go get those Cowboys.]


[Only 5,034 more needed for our Wine Cellar Wall.]

Quote du jour:

"Good fellows are a dime a dozen, but an aggressive leader is priceless.

Red Blaik (1897 - 1989) US football coach

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