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Updated: 12/11/03

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Thursday, 11 December, 2003

No snow this time, just lots of rain. It woke the cat up early this morning and she had to look out the window to see what was making all that noise. Good thing the temperatures had warmed up or we would have had a foot of snow on the ground.

The house smells wonderful - and it's all Mom's idea. She went to Trader Joe's the other day and bought a 20" rosemary tree - it can be a Christmas tree and then season a lamb once the holidays are over. So I stopped at the grocery store on the way home last night and they also had the little rosemary Chistmas trees, so the condo smells great now. I need to get a little string of lights to put on it.

[I don't think all the presents will fit underneath it though.]

With all of the advances in wireless technology these days, I saw that Cerritos, CA is leading the pack incivic communications:

CERRITOS, Calif. - Browsing the Web from this Southern California city may soon become an outdoor sport.

The first phase of a project to establish citywide wireless Internet access is slated to begin next month. Ultimately, anyone with a laptop or wireless (news - web sites) device will be able to surf the Web from virtually anywhere in the city's 8.6-square-mile area.

Scores of wireless networking transmitters are being placed atop public buildings, traffic lights and other structures to blanket the city. The project is being touted by Aiirnet Wireless, its operator, as the largest wireless networking, or Wi-Fi, deployment in the nation.

The city struck a deal with the company that allows Aiirnet to place transmitters throughout the city for free, city spokeswoman Annie Hylton said. Cerritos, meanwhile, agreed to buy 60 subscription accounts, each at $34.95 a month, for its field employees.

The 51,000 residents of Cerritos, located 26 miles southeast of Los Angeles, have not had DSL broadband access to the Internet because the city is too far from the telephone company's central office. Cable Internet access has not been an option, either, Hylton said.

"We're pleased that our residents will at last have an option for broadband that will be more affordable than is currently available," Hylton said.

[Wish they would do that for my condo.]

Quote du jour:

"The worst thing about the miracle of modern communications is the Pavlovian pressure it places upon everyone to communicate whenever a bell rings."

-- Russell Baker (1925 - ____) US journalist, author, humorist

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