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Updated: 12/04/02

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Wednesday, 4 December, 2002

Brrrrrrrrr. Mom and Dad left last night and believe me, they got outta Dodge just in time. Last night was predicted to be the coldest night in this area in two years. I don't doubt it. The "walk-out refrigerator" - my balcony - is now the "walk-out freezer." I rescued the jug of spring water that became a solid chunk of ice, as well as the remaining slice of brie.

Anyway, Mom and Dad's flight was at 6:10, so I came home from work a little early to see them off. It was so nice having them here and the time just flew by. Ms. Suki spent the remainder of the evening searching for them. I got a note from Mom - they arrived home at 11:00 p.m. via car service, and were greeted by Miss Callie who chastized them for being gone so long.

Read a great term today - "Limosine Liberals" - those Hollywood celebs who feel that their position in life is to instruct the "little people" on the mistakes that they're making and tell the peasants what to do to fix whatever problem du jour is on the royal radar.

One of these stars, Robert Redford, peeved me earlier this year by using his Sundance Catalog as a platform to suggest that somehow 9/11 was "our" fault - that if only we weren't so focused on greed and money, we would have been more understanding of our al-Qaida brothers and they wouldn't have been pushed into taking such desperate measures. Well, he's now written an Op-Ed piece for The Los Angeles Times. The Midwestern Conservative Journal fisks:

Actor Robert Redford, in an op-ed opinion piece published in the Los Angeles Times, accused the Bush administration on Monday of "lack of leadership" for failing to wean the United States from dependence on fossil fuels.

So what kind of gas guzzler did you drive to the post office to mail in that piece, Bob?

The 65-year-old actor also demanded that the U.S. auto industry use existing technology to increase fuel economy standards to 40 miles per gallon.

There aren't many funnier phrases than "The 65-year-old actor also demanded..." What'll happen if they don't, Bob? Will you make Legal Eagles II?

Of course, Bob is not alone. One of the most outspoken divas is Barbra Streisand, whose liberal politics and positions are just fine, in my opinion. Just fine, as long as she actually followed through with her rants about conservation, protecting The People and the environment.

Babs' website is predominantly a vehicle for her political statements and exhortions. Which is perfectly acceptable - so is mine. But if I go off on a rant about, say, people who do not return the utility carts to the garage, you better believe that you will not find me leaving the carts stranded in the hallways once I'm through with them. Having viewpoints, having convictions, and wanting to express them to others is totally understood, but, please, don't be hypocritical. Tim Blair put together a compilation of articles about the inconsistancies in her positions. My favorite comment, via MediaResearch.org:

And don't forget the time Streisand urged everyone to conserve energy by hanging laundry outside on lines, rather than use electric clothes dryers. But when asked if Streisand herself was using a backyard clothesline, her spokesman said: "She never meant that it necessarily applied to her."


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Quote du jour:

"Success to me is having ten honeydew melons, and eating only the top half of each one."

-- Barbra Streisand (1942 - ____) US actress, singer

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