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Updated: 11/24/04

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Wednesday, 24 November, 2004

Ellen and I had our annual birthday dinner with George last night. We went to Tre Scalini, a small Italian BYOB in South Philly and it was terrific. We shared some antipasto to start - I had Veal Neapolitano for my entree. We also had dessert - George had ice cream while Ellen and I had profiteroles smothered in chocolate mousse. Yikes. What a fun evening.

[Thank you George!]

We're flying out to California tonight to see Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving, so I did some packing when I got home last night. Suki was NOT HAPPY and kept wandering around the house looking forlornly at the suitcases. She was still quite cranky about it this morning. She did deign to play with one of her shopping bags for a while though:


We only have two suitcasess, but I think we'll just check the bags and hope they arrive on the other end, because I'm sure the plane will be packed. Gary has to go pick up Josh from college and drive him home this afternoon, but he should be back by 3:00 at the latest. Since there might be a few people at the airport, and since the chances of having anything decent to eat on the plane are slim, we plan to get out there early and eat at one of the restaurants in the terminal.

[No, seriously, there are some good restaurants there.]

John Podhoretz of The National Review Online has a quick review of the new Oliver Stone movie, Alexander:

Oliver Stone's Alexander, which opens today, isn't just bad. It's Springtime for Hitler bad. I haven't guffawed this hard since I saw Airplane for the first time 24 years ago. This is one of the colossal catastrophes of all time. At a screening on Monday night, during the death scene of Alexander's lover Hephaiston, people were screaming with laughter as Alexander made a big speech while, behind him in soft focus, Hephaiston went into a conniption fit and croaked. Plus, Angelina Jolie plays Alexander's mother like she was Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. It's almost worth seeing, but don't, because if you're like me and want to see Oliver Stone utterly destroyed for his artistic and political crimes, you will make sure not to contribute to the box-office coffers of what is sure to go down in the annals of moviedom as Heaven's Gate with rampaging evil elephants (no, I'm not kidding).

Excellent. Unfortunately, I now have the "Springtime for Hiter" song going through my head.

["...Winter for Poland and France..."]

I have to hand it to my hibiscus. I was a little late in bringing it indoors this year, and it got a bit frosted and has been dropping its leaves all over the place for the last week. But it's not dead yet, and this morning it sent up a flare to let us know that we should not take it off life support just yet:

I'm getting better

I feel happy . . . I feel happy

[Happy Thanksgiving!]

Quote du jour:

"It was dramatic to watch [my grandmother] decapitate
[a turkey] with an ax the day before Thanksgiving. Nowadays the expense of hiring grandmothers for the ax work would probably qualify all turkeys so honored with "gourmet" status."

-- Russell Baker (1925 - ____) US journalist, author, humorist

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