November 2

Yea Eagles - Phillies, not so much

Posted 11/02/09

I took a couple of clients to the Eagles-Giants football match yesterday, which was a great game, at least for Eagles fans. Which one of my clients is not. He's a Giants fan.

We specifically warned him not to wear Giants colors, knowing how Philadelphia fans can be about that sort of thing. When he showed up for the game in a black sweatshirt with a royal blue (Giant's colors) hoodie underneath it, I figured we were in for some trouble.

"But it's a Duke shirt," he said, pulling up the sweatshirt to show me the logo. I said, "It won't matter, it's Giant's colors." Sure enough, as we headed toward the stadium entrance a group of fans began pointing at him, noticing the blue hood. He quickly pulled up the shirt to show the Duke logo, and they were kind enough not to pummel him.

By the end of the first quarter (Eagles up 13-0), he pushed the blue hood underneath his sweatshirt. We told him we wouldn't make him sing the Eagles fight song. The final score was 40-17 - and five rounds of "Fly, Eagles, Fly."