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Updated: 11/01/04

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Monday, 01 November, 2004

So . . . the weekend has come and gone. Gary was on call, so we spent Friday night and Sunday at "Chez Trauma". Luckily it was pretty quiet - no little ghosts and ghouls getting run down while looking for candy. And we got to watch both the Eagles-Ravens and Steelers-Patriots games. The Eagles managed another not-pretty win, and the Steelers defeated the heretofore undefeated Patriots. The Eagles are now 7-0 on the season and are playing the Steelers next week, so hopefully the Steelers will have used up all their mojo taking out the Pats.

[E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!!]

Tomorrow is Gary's birthday and I've been tormenting him with a pile of wrapped presents for the past week. I had to put them in the closet though, because Suki felt that they should be opened early. By her.

[Since, after all, everything belongs to a cat.]

It's actually quite a celebratory week. On Thursday, my parents will celebrate their


Huzzah! I don't think they're planning anything exotic - Mom would probably just like to have the house clean.

Yet another occasion to add to the week's list: Trollop Stephani will be celebrating a milestone birthday on Friday. A semi-important one. A birthday that begins with a "4" and ends with an "0". Gary and I are driving up to Ithaca to spend the weekend with her. We'll do a little touring in the Finger Lakes Wineries and cook up a gourmet dinner for her that night.

Steph was kind enough to send an amusing link: Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from 1974.

Oh MY. Here's an example:

Sad Quenchers

These are the saddest diet beverages ever.
The one on the right is skim milk and orange pulp. The one on the left is made with water, sherry extract, and two beef bouillon cubes.
No, really.
Well, there's also celery in it. Oh, and SELF-LOATHING.

Be sure and read the page headers too. This one is entitled, "Quench your DESPAIR".

[No, I don't think we'll select one of those recipes for Steph's birthday feast.]

And finally, there's yet another important milestone birthday:

Hello Kitty

That's right, Hello Kitty is turning 30. I always remember one of my friends in elementary school - Evelyn Maruko - was way into Hello Kitty. I had a few items myself - I think the semi-miniature scale appealed to me. But really, at a certain point, even a kitty needs to dress her age.


Quote du jour:

"If the English can survive their food, they can survive anything."
-- George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)
English dramatist, critic

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