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Updated: 10/27/02

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Sunday, 27 October, 2002

Gene Autry is smiling down on the "Big A" tonight. The Angels won the World Series, defeating the Giants in the seventh game. No Rally Monkeys, though - none were needed, since the Angels lead the way.

I woke up early, not helped by the extra hour due to the time change. We had a late breakfast, I packed up my bags and we drove up to LA to meet Maura for lunch. It was nice to catch up with her and we had a leisurely lunch.

Mom and Dad came up to see my room - it is impressive, to say the least. Living room, dining room, bedroom with two double beds, two bathrooms, a huge closet and SIX balconies. They left to drive home and I unpacked and relaxed for a couple of hours.

I met Jennifer, Rick and Maura in the lobby to drive to dinner. We had fun playing with the GPS system on the way up to the Bel Air hotel. We had a nice table in the corner and felt like old-time movie stars. Our reinsurer met us there - he had just flown in from Hong Kong, so he wasn't sure what time zone he was in.

Rick went out to the bar at one point and came back with a report of the score in the Angels game. The hostess noticed and would come by every inning and tell us the score. When they won, I asked the table if they would mind if I called Dad. I did and congratulated him on the win - only 42 years in the making!

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Quote du jour:

"From nobody to upstart. From upstart to contender. From contender to winner. From winner to champion. From champion to Dynasty."

-- Pat Riley (1945 - ____) US basketball coach

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