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Updated: 10/10/05

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Monday, 10 October, 2005

I've started a half dozen blog entries since the last one and haven't finsihed any of them. So today we'll do a quick recap and then post quickly before the distractions overtake.

- Spent a glorious two days at the shore the weekend before last. Our new vertical blinds had been installed - waiting for the tile/carpet and paint.
- Glad that Gary was on back-up this past weekend instead as it POURED rain Saturday. Seriously, rivers. We went shopping up at Franklin Mills - poor Gary waited patiently for me as I did one of my twice yearly shopping binges. Spent the rest of the weekend doing fall cleaning, purging old clothes, organizing closets, doing laundry. Whew.
- Mom is in Montana staying with Aunt Junie for two weeks. They just had a blizzard the other day - hopefully it won't snow again while Mom is there.
- Aunt Bernie sent us not one, but TWO beautiful Japanese obis for the house! One is a golden cream color and the other is black. They are just lovely. I think I have found some good ways to display them and thought they would look nice in the main stairwell.
- Eagles-Cowboys game. I don't want to talk about it.
- Angels-Yankees game. Hopefully the Angels will win tonight in Anaheim. But I really can't get too excited about the team anymore since they have made the decision to change their name to the "Los Angeles Angels (of Anaheim)". Pah. It is intended to "help the team market itself to more of Southern California." Well, why not go back to calling them the "California Angels" like they were when I was growing up? I find it viscerally irritating that a team based in Anaheim labels itself from Los Angeles- when it is NOT from LA - to get a bigger advertising boost. They were the Los Angeles Angels back in the early sixties because they actually played in Los Angeles. Now they're just greedy sell-outs.

[Enough ranting.]

And now for somethingt completely different:

Crossing Guard

ISE, Mie -- Police have honored a 4-year-old male toy poodle that can walk on its hind legs for promoting road safety, it has been learned.

The poodle, Pluto, was honored for walking around on its hind legs bearing a road safety advertisement during the national autumn road safety campaign. The dog's owner, Kimio Koyama, 53, a resident of Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture, was handed a certificate of appreciation and some dog food as part of the award.

On Sept. 21, the first day of the campaign, Pluto walked 20 meters on his hind legs over a pedestrian crossing, wearing a sash bearing the words, "traffic safety."

Passersby contacted police afterwards, saying the dog had given them renewed recognition of the importance of road safety.

Pluto walked on his hind legs into an office at Ise Police Station to receive the honor. Station head Etsujiro Kurachi addressed the canine saying, "Thank you, Pluto," and handed over the dog food prize.

[Aw, he was only in it for the dog food.]

Quote du jour:

"Obscurity brings safety."

Aesop (620?BC - 560BC) Greek author

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