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Updated: 09/18/02

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my hat

Wednesday, 18 September, 2002

Since the last time I posted, I finished my meetings in Monte Carlo, spent a half day in Nice and then flew home. Suki was very glad to see me, although I discovered something about her:

She's a poltergeist.

Well, probably not really, but whenever I go out and then come home, there are certain objects that have been moved around the house, some with alarming regularity. One in particular is a small wicker waste paper basket in the dining room. I've learned that I cannot keep anything in it because every day it ends up halfway across the house and upside down.

[Kind of pointless as a waste paper basket these days.]

So I've been home, and now I'm leaving again. My flight is this evening on British Airways to London's Heathrow airport. Again. And yes, there's more business - I have meetings and a dinner in London tomorrow with a client - but it is conveniently scheduled around Ellen and Andrew's wedding on Saturday. It is being held in the West Country of England, about 3-4 hours southwest of London. There are three of us from the office attending as well as several friends and clients from the industry.

I am meeting my client, Diane, tomorrow morning at the Duke's hotel. She is flying from Philly as well, but on a different airline and into Gatwick. We have a couple of hours to freshen up and then we're off for our meetings and dinner. We have another meeting the next morning and then Diane has rented a car and we'll drive out to the little inn where the wedding guests are staying. The ceremony is on Saturday afternoon with a reception at Andrew's godmother's estate. We'll leave Sunday to return to the city and then fly out Monday morning.

I went out last night to buy a hat. It is apparently de rigeur to wear a hat for weddings in the UK, so I went in search of one. I found a lovely black one with a brim and netting - very chic - but it was almost $100. I wouldn't mind it if I actually thought there was a chance I'd wear it again, but... I found another one on sale for $24 that will just have to do.

[Let's just hope the wind isn't blowing.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"I can wear a hat or take it off, but either way it's a conversation piece."

-- Hedda Hopper (1890 - 1966) US journalist, actress

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