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Updated: 08/27/04

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Friday, 27 August, 2004

So I'm back, albeit briefly. It's been a surprisingly busy end of summer, which is one of those "good news, bad news" deals. Gary and I are taking next week off to spend down at the Jersey shore, before the fall travel gets into full swing.

Last night, Gary asked if we could run an errand on the way home from work. He said he needed to go to the bike shop to pick up some parts. It wasn't the first thing on my list to do, but we drove over to New Jersey. When we got to the bike shop, Gary went to the back of the store to check with the manager about something . . . and came out with a new bicycle.

For me!

I am the proud owner of a new Kestrel, a bicycle that is favored by triathletes for its aerodynamic styling. It's beautiful - black carbon-fiber with Shimano Ultegra components.

[Happy Birthday to me!]

I haven't mentioned "The House" in quite a while, probably because I fired everyone four months ago. But today, I hired a father-son contractor - The Cyruses - to finish the work. They'll have the next week to get a lot of the smaller stuff done, as well as the master bedroom deck, and then we'll go from there.

While I've enjoyed watching the Olympics for the most part, I think I'm about done with them for this round. There have been some great moments, and thanks to MSNBC, USA, Bravo and CNBC, some of the more esoteric events have gotten air time. I am, however, still flabbergasted that NBC took a half hour or so of prime time to show . . . wiat for it . . . the Gymnastics Gala. It's one thing to show the preliminaries - the quarter-and semi-finals to see if an athlete qualifies for an event. But a bunch of medalists performing routines that don't matter? It's the bloody Ice Capades - sans glace.


We're spending our last few days down the shore - we turn in the keys to our rented condo after Labor Day. It's been a really nice place - if we don't find a place to buy down there before next year, we will probably be back. In the meantime, happy Labor Day!

Quote du jour:

"I'll be back."

-- Arnold, "The Terminator"

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