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Updated: 07/19/02

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Friday, 19 July, 2002

The mice just keep on coming. I opened the bathroom door this morning and Suki was standing there holding Yellow Mouse in her mouth - she promptly dropped it on my feet. I think she's trying to provide enough mice for me so that I don't leave any more.

I booked the free Business Class tickets for Mark and Gary today. It was rather frightening to pull the trigger on redeeming that many miles, but it is done and done. I will book the full fare ticket tomorrow.

[Now we just have to wait for eight months.]

Tonight I was invited to go to the Phillies baseball game by one of my clients. They have a Super Box that has an indoor and outdoor section, a full buffet and a bartender. Unfortunately, just as I entered the stadium, the rain started. And not just a light mist - it poured. It rained for the next two hours - we ate and drank and talked until we decided it wasn't going to get any better and went home. As nice as the Super Box is, I'm not too unhappy about going home a little early.

[Maybe the fact that the Phillies are 15 games out of first place has something to do with it?]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Let a smile be your umbrella, and you'll end up with a face full of rain."

George Carlin (1937 - ____) US comedian

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