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Updated: 07/14/02

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Sunday, 14 July, 2002

Happy Bastille Day! It was a pretty iffy day weather-wise - grey and rainy in the morning and just grey after that. I went skating this morning - one of the reasons I need to get band-aids.

Actually I needed a band-aid following yesterday's skating adventure. I guess I kind of glossed over my minor case of road rash from yesterday - it being minor, not to mention embarassing. I was skating at Penn's Landing - there's a 1/5 mile stretch of road that is basically used to access the service areas and is usually fairly unpopulated, so it's a nice place for me to skate when I don't feel like dealing with the traffic to cross town.

When I got the skates I use, they had a brake attached to the back of one skate. By shifting weight to the back of the skate, the brake contacts the ground and - *voila* - stopping occurs. But I wanted to learn to stop using the "T-Stop" method - one puts the right foot behind and at a right angle to the left skate, dragging the side of the wheels to slow and eventually stop. It takes practice, which is what I was doing yesterday when my skates shot out from underneath me and I nicked the sides of both knees on the asphalt.

Today, it was the rainy remnants of the morning's inclemancy that got the best of me, and down I went, scraping my right knee and even drawing blood this time.

Apparently this was not impressive enough for Ms. Suki, even though she's already given me a little brand above one eyebrow during a pre-dawn mouse-wrestling session in bed on Friday morning. I heard her rustling around and opened one eye in time to see her fling Yellow Mouse towards me one moment, and come flying after it the next, landing indelicately on my face. *Ouch*

Her latest idea is that she should "hunt" her food, so she extracts individual pieces of dry cat food from her dish, and bats them around the kitchen, stalking them until she is ready to pounce. Attack! Kill! Kill! She was methodically chasing Iams bits around the refrigerator while I was getting dinner ready when I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my foot. Ah, there's a kitty cat, calmly extracting her claws from my little toe.

[More blood. Where are those band-aids?]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with."

Harry Crews (1935 - ____) US novelist

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