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Updated: 07/01/02

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Monday, 01 July, 2002

Space has a new color. A while back I wrote that scientists had originally reported that space was a kind of turquoise color, but then changed their minds and said it was, ummm, beige.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought this was a lame color name with which to paint the universe - the hapless scientists received nearly 300 e-mails with suggestions as to what to call it. And the winner is:

Cosmic Latte.

The two scientists said that the fact that they both love coffee factored heavily into the decision, along with a sideways nod to Gallileo. Latte is close in spelling to the Latin word, latteo, which means Milky Way.

[How much do you think Starbucks paid for this one?]

I've enjoyed Al Gore's absence from the political spotlight. But when he does come back in, I have to admit, he makes me chuckle. At least his latest comments regarding the cause of the recent Mega-Corporation implosions did.

At a recent fundraiser in Manhattan he told more than 200 supporters that President Bush's economic policies were the cause of the nation's economic scandals from Enron to WorldCom.

"What we see now is a lack of confidence in our national economic policy, in the integrity of our accounting system, in the way government is being run," Gore stated.

The private companies, he said, "are not telling the truth about their future liabilities so they can shovel money out to executives at the top. That is exactly what the Bush-Cheney tax plan will do. They are misleading the country about the extent of the liabilities they are putting on us ... on you."

This was a revelation to me. I had no idea that these corporations, having followed along the paths of all that is good and honest for the eight years of the Clinton presidency, suddenly became greedy cheats as of January 21st, 2001. Back then, the government cared about the little people, and made sure that everything was on the up and up. And if we hadn't made those terrible mistakes in Florida during the election, none of this would have happened.

[Uh huh.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning."

-- Mae West (1892 - 1980) US actress

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