June 29

Supreme Court

Posted 06/29/10

There is a blog that I frequent from time to time: IMAO. He's extremely irreverent, and I particularly like his "Random Thought" posts. One from today:

I’d rather a 12-year-old with basic reading skills be on the Supreme Court than the average liberal justice. Dissent from Tommy, age 12: “I looked in the Constitution and I didn’t see that.”

And after I finished chuckling at that...

There’s talk that General Petraeus may change the rules of engagement in Afghanistan. We here at IMAO have obtained an advanced copy of what those new rules may be:


* Someone is shooting at you.

* Someone is shooting near you.

* Someone is shooting another Transformers sequel.

* Someone blows into a vuvuzela.

* You already tried fisticuffs, and that didn’t work.

* You have written permission from your parents.

* Someone makes a “Yo’ Mama” joke that really stings.

* You ask, “Can I use lethal force against you?” and you’re pretty sure you see the guy nod.

* You’ve run into the inventor of clamshell packaging.

* Someone just looks extra, super terroristy.

* Hippies.

* Someone throws a puppy at you.

* You’re absolutely sure there’s no media around.