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Updated: 06/25/02

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scottish oddity for tomorrow

Tuesday, 25 June, 2002

Things tend to happen in threes. So since I now have TWO bizarre Scotland tidbits in a row, I suppose I should either anticipate or actively search for more Scottish weirdness tomorrow. But here is today's:

"An Alaskan chicken-hypnotist who cycles around the world with a traveling circus has ground to a halt after a charity clothes shop in Scotland sold her bicycle by mistake while she was in the fitting-room."

[Ya can't make this stuff up.]

Apparently the chicken hypnotist, Emily Harris, left her $1,800 bicycle leaning against a mannequin inside a thrift store in Edinburgh, Scotland while she tried on a shirt. When she came out, they had sold the bike for $15. Worse still, they refused to give her the $15 proceeds.

Now I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have thought that chicken hypnotists made enough money to afford $1,800 bicycles. Of course, she also performs as a fire-eater, puppet-master and concertina-player but her star act consists of hypnotizing chickens and making them play the piano.

There is a larger issue here that the story chooses to ignore: Where were the chickens during all of this? Edinburgh isn't that far from Bonnybridge, favored UFO sighting grounds.

[Hmmmmm. . .]

In keeping with the farm animal theme, I haven't had any good cow items for a while. So this one caught my eye:

A farmer in northern Iowa is raising miniature cows. The fully grown cattle range in size from 33 to 35 inches tall. He hopes that they'll catch on a pets, kind of like those pot-bellied pigs or miniature horses.

"If they saw a rodeo bull that was only three feet tall, I'd think they'd have to have one. That's our hope, anyway."

[I bet one of those could do even more damage to a condo than Suki can.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"The chickens have come home to roast."

-- Jane Sherwood Ace (1905 - 1974) US actress, comedienne

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