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Updated: 06/22/04

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Tuesday, 22 June, 2004

Happy Birthday to Cousin Jeff!! It's one of those big birthdays that ends with an "0", but with his energy I wouldn't have guessed *that* one. I look forward to reading the TR report on the celebration - enjoy a fine microbrew for me.

Speaking of birthdays here's a picture of Tyler. Tyler arrived last Wednesday morning - four weeks early - while his father Tad [one of my colleagues] was on a business trip in Texas. Everyone's doing fine, but I think Tad will have to take some extra middle-of-the-night feeding duty as a result of missing the big event.


Class . . . here's the new word of the day:

Bonivate \Bone"i*vate\ v: To provide with an incentive by way of an additional payment to employees as a means of increasing output. [L. bonus, good and F. motif, LL. motivum, from motivus, moving]

One who is in search of a position in which he/she will be bonivated is a "bonivateur." A "bonavatist" is one who bonivates, typically a manager. In business, one's goal is to be a "bonivatee", the recipient of a bonus [or better yet, boni].

[Today's lesson in the Real World is brought to you by Chip and the number "3".]

Quote du jour:

"Give the people a new word and they think they have a new fact."

-- Willa Cather (1875 - 1947) US novelist, short-story writer

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