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Updated: 06/20/05

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Monday, 20 June, 2005

Well, it was a bittersweet Father's Day. Mom called late Sunday and said that Uncle Dick had passed away that morning. I called the house and spoke with Debbie - on Friday he said that he wanted to go home, so they made arrangements. They had someone from the hospice where Debbie works there and he was in no pain and surrounded by family. They are trying to schedule the funeral for Saturday.

Dad is understandably upset, but they all agreed that Dick would not have wanted them to cut their trip to Japan short. As long as it is not the day I have to settle on the condo, Gary and I will fly out.

[We'll miss him.]

Katie and I took the train down to Atlantic City on Thursday evening. Gary picked us up and we went to dinner at Crabby's - snow crab legs with garlic butter - yum! Since Katie is not a morning person, we would get up and go biking or skating in the morning and stop somewhere for breakfast on the way back and she would still be sleeping when we got back.

On Friday we went to the beach for most of the day, although I came up mid-afternoon because it was too cold to be under the umbrella, but I didn't want to lie in the sun for too long. Gary made dinner and we went to see "Batman Begins". Ehhhh. It was just OK. I did like Michael Caine as Alfred the butler and the creepy psychiatrist was pretty good, but the evil plot to destroy Gotham was rather weak. And the future ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise (Katie Holmes) didn't do much for me.

Josh came down for dinner on Saturday. We went to the condo for a while - he's not a beach person, so he stayed upstairs playing PlayStation games while we were on the beach. We went to Imperial Inn for Chinese - it was pretty bad. They were out of a lot of things, and the quality was poor. We dropped Josh off at the train station after dinner - he's working as a waiter at a country club for the summer, so had to be at work by 9:00 for Father's Day brunch the next morning.

It was really windy yesterday morning, and we faced a stiff headwind on our outbound bike trip. It was a breeze coming back though (pun intended). We had breakfast at the cafe at the condo - there was an extended family having breakfast down there - grandparents, mom and dad and three cute little kids, who were playing in the room after they finished their breakfast. The parents kept apologizing for our not being able to enjoy a quiet meal - which we couldn't understand because the kids were not raucous or yelling or doing anything disruptive. I guess we're so used to parents ignoring their screaming banshee children - like the ones behind us at Crabby's the other night - that we were suprised.

It stayed really windy and pretty cool all day so we headed over to May's Landing to do some shopping. We hit the sporting goods store, Staples and Best Buy, then had burgers for lunch. It was too windy for either the pool or the beach, so we stayed inside and watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" on DVD. We went to Savaradio's for dinner, which was just OK. Gary commented this morning that aside from Crabby's, we haven't really had a good meal since we've been down here.

[It must have been the garlic butter.]

Our realtor Bobbi told us that there were two other bids on the condo we wanted, but ours was still the highest. They were going to show it over the weekend and then make their decision. No word yet.

[Fingers crossed.]

Quote du jour:

"He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man."

-- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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