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Updated: 06/13/02

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late dinner friday

Thursday, 13 June, 2002

Had dinner last night with some reinsurers visiting our office. We went to a Cuban restaurant in Center City called Alma de Cuba. I had a trio of ceviches (raw fish marinated in citrus juice) and an awesome beef dish called "Vaca Frita" or "Fried Cow." It was thinly sliced cooked beef that was crispy fried - not dried out at all and it was delicious!

Tonight was a chicken avocado salad at home as I tried to tidy up the place in preparation for Uncle Bill and Aunt Bernie arriving tomorrow. They're supposed to arrive late tomorrow night, so I thinking of making a small lasagne in case they're hungry when they get here. I don't know what they want to do while they're here - I guess we'll play it by ear.

Sad day for Mom and Dad. They gave their old Honda Prelude to Children's Hospital of Orange (CHOC). They decided it would be better to donate it since it was twenty years old, but they wanted to make sure that they were giving as much of it to charity as possible. Some of these places take in old cars and only pass through 10% of the value to the charity organizations - CHOC has their own donation staff so all of it goes to the hospital. It was a really good car for a long time, but as I told Mom, "It's in a better place now."

I stopped by The House this afternoon. Richard has been putting the fear of God into Oscar the contractor by building up Aunt Bernie and Uncle Bill's visit into "Kay's Family" - I think he's expecting 20 or so people to invade on Saturday. They have most of the stairwell built and are expecting to start on the gallery tomorrow - we'll see!

Saw a great story on the evening news. There was a young orphaned killer whale that had gotten trapped in the Puget Sound near Seattle. The young whale, named "Springer", had adopted one of the car ferries as its mother and followed it back and forth across the sound to the joy of the commuters.

Unfortunately, the young whale had gotten worms and a skin infection that needed to be treated. If she was left alone she wouldn't have survived very long, so she was captured and transferred to a treatment center. Once she recovers she'll be tranferred up to Canadian waters with the hopes of returning her to her pod. I am glad that she is somewhere that she can be taken care of but I think that it was something unique and special that hundreds of people who ride the ferries were treated to a close-up experience with such an incredible creature.

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Quote du jour:

"One must remember that both wild things and men are animals, but wild things are not people."

-- Helen Hoover

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