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Updated: 06/04/04

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go down the shore


Friday, 04 June, 2004

Philadelphia is throwing a "Smarty Party" on Saturday. The city is providing a Jumbotron TV set on the Ben Franklin Parkway so that Philly fans can watch the Little Horse That Could make a run for the Triple Crown. The normally caustic Philadelphia Daily News has a special 24 page wrap around section on Smarty and the Belmont Stakes.

[I hope he makes it.]

We'll be watching the race of course, but we'll be "down the shore". This is the first weekend that we'll be down at a condo in Longport that we've rented for the summer. We packed up stuff last night and will head down right after work. The weather isn't supposed to be great, but hopefully we'll get some biking and sunning in over the next two days.

[Go Smarty Go!]

Quote du jour:

"Horse sense is a good judgement which keeps horses from betting on people."

-- W. C. Fields (1880 - 1946) US actor, comedian

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