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Updated: 05/07/08

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Wednesday, 07 May, 2008

Mom said she liked the title of yesterday's blog: Give peas a chance. In the interest of full disclosure, I cannot take credit for inventing the phrase as I've heard in various places over the years. But lest you think that I am merely a reporter, here were the runners-up - all of which are making what I believe are their screen debuts:

"And the beet goes on..."

"Swiss enforce celery cap"

"I say tomato, you say class action lawsuit."

OK, maybe not that great but what can I say? I yam what I yam.

Last night we went to dinner at Morimoto, the eponymous Philadelphia restaurant of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Gary and I have each eaten their once before but not together and we decided to give it a try. It was wonderful! Gary had the rock shrimp tempura and the Morimoto surf and turf, kobe steak and half a lobster, all of which were delicious.

I tried one of the chef's omakase, or tasting menus, which was spectacular:

1st course: toro tartare with caviar and fresh wasabi - wow!
2nd course: warm octopus carpaccio with hot oil and mitsuba leaf
3rd course: striped jack sashimi with micro greens salad
intermezzo - strawberry sorbet/slushie
4th course: halibut on a bed of spinach and wakame, served with lobster claw meat and fried tofu skin
5th course: lamb chops (best I've ever had!)
6th course: chef's selection of five sushi
7th course: dense chocolate torte with green mango ice cream

Chef Morimoto was in the house last night - he's lost a lot of weight and looks really good. We bought an autographed copy of his cookbook, although to my chagrin the lamb chop recipe was not included so I suppose I shall have to write and ask for it.

[At least it's food for thought.]

Quote du jour:

"To get the best results you must talk to your vegetables."

Prince of Wales Charles (1948 - ____) British royalty

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