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Updated: 04/11/02

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Thursday, 11 April, 2002

Well, the new expensive wet cat food was a big bust. Alien sniffed it and backed away, acting like I had suggested that she eat dirt. OK, back to the sour cream and minced tuna - she seems to like that.

I decided to have her put down on the 22nd, before I leave on my trip. I called the Veterinary Hospital and made the arrangements. They asked if I wanted to be with her while they administered the shot. I said I wasn't sure yet, but I think that I will. That way she's not alone with strangers when she goes. Jennifer is going to go with me to take her in - she has been Alien's babysitter for several years and has a cat of her own, so she understands what it's like.

Thank you for all the kind notes about Alien. Dad remembered what it was like when we had to have Velvet (our dog) put down. It's very hard when they're part of the family. Mom called from Hawaii and told me that she dreamt about me and Alien the night before. She also dreamt that I had kittens - although maybe that was projecting Don's advice that I get a new kitten as soon as possible.

I stopped by the warehouse yesterday morning. Barry was working on cleaning up some of the problems we discovered last weekend. He said that the metal studs weren't screwed in place because when drywall is installed on metal, it flexes, and if it is completely secured it cannot be adjusted to fit the drywall sheets. He's working on the steps to the roof deck and finishing some ceiling pieces near the monitor.

I received a copy of the draft contract from Oscar, the finish contractor. He is going to fax me his references, so I will try to review all that and make some calls this weekend. It's supposed to rain, so I doubt I'll be able to get out and ride anyway - it will give me something to do.

[What a hassle.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"When I was in therapy about two years ago, one day I noticed that I hadn't had any children. And I like children at a distance. I wondered if I'd like them up close. I wondered why I didn't have any. I wondered if it was a mistake, or if I'd done it on purpose, or what. And I noticed my therapist didn't have any children either. He had pictures of his cats on the wall.
Framed. "

--Spalding Gray

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