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Updated: 04/09/02

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Tuesday, 9 April, 2002

In my on-going quest to write about cows as often as possible, I found a little story about a farmer in Oregon who has provided his herd of Holsteins with [I'm not kidding] WATERBEDS. No, really, check it out:

AP Photo/Don Ryan

The point of this is to increase the cow's comfort level, and by doing so, increase milk production. These waterbeds - rubber bladders filled with 18 gallons of water and covered with thick rubber mats - have been used in Europe for seven or eight years. Since the cows lie down for six to eight hours a day to digest their food, the water beds are designed to make them more comfortable and put less wear and tear on their knees and hocks.

Whether or not it has the desired effect on milk production, the cows apparently really like the water beds. John Marshman, a dairy farmer in Chenango County, N.Y., said he's seen cows wait for a shot at the water beds.

"The first ones who come back from the milking parlor fill those stalls first," said Marshman, who has bought 150 of the beds. "They like them real well," he added. "I keep putting more in."

And for those of you looking for the ultimate in comfort for your OWN cows, there is a website where you can order your bovine beds: www.waterbedsforcows.com.

Although the cows are very much in the lead as far as amount of blog-space devoted to them, one of my other favorite topics gets some face time today: Jesse Jackson. Well, HE'S not a favorite topic, but articles that show him to be the hypocritical, short-sighted, corrupt con-man that he truly is are.

Deroy Murdock, Contributing Editor to National Review Online, has a lovely opinion piece about what Jackson's motivations really are. The causes he holds up are, in some cases, valid examples of ways in which our society could change. But the motivation behind everything continues to be Jesse Jackson's personal well-being and the all-mighty dollar.

Jackson goes after huge corporations and pressures them into involving minority-owned businesses in their financial deals and bids, harping about the down-trodden and discriminated. Strangely enough, he goes away after the corporations hire his friends and/or contribute to one of his "causes." Murdock also snags Jackson's involvement in the slave labor lawsuits filed last week, as being exactly what they are: extortion of these firms who will settle out of court to avoid being labelled as racist.

Anyway, the whole article is here, but I think it is best summed up by Murdock's quoting rap singer Puff Daddy's reference to $100 bills, "It's all about the Benjamins".

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Two farmers each claimed to own a certain cow.
While one pulled on its head
and the other pulled on its tail,
meanwhile the cow was milked by a lawyer."

Jewish Parable

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