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Updated: 03/28/05

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Monday, 28 March, 2005

And . . . it's raining. Again. Supposed to rain all day. Where are we anyway? Seattle?

[I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.]

So the Terri Schiavo situation is a real mess on a number of levels. Mom told me yesterday that she has prepared a Living Will because if she ends up in the same state as Mrs. Schiavo, she wants to have the right to die. I agree. I haven't done a Living Will, but in case something happens, here are my thoughts:

If I end up in a vegatative/brain-dead state and you've had the medical professionals do all the appropriate tests and they agree that I'm not going to get any better, then please, let me go. If I've reached that point, I won't be there anyway, and I don't want my family, friends and loved ones hanging on to false hope and wasting their lives waiting for something that will never happen. Maintaining the shell of what I once was is not noble, it's not for me, it's just selfish.

Mom says that she's going to bring a bunch of Living Wills to Philly for all the sisters to fill out. And I was wondering what we were going to do while they were here - now we can have "Living Will Night!"

The other aspect of this case that is bothering me is that the Republicans in Washington have apparently forgotten that they are the party of small government. In other words, Republicans are not supposed to like having the Federal Government poke its nose into the business of states, individuals, the courts. And there has been an awful lot of nose poking going on down there of late.

[Democrats in Elephants' clothing?]

The flowers that Mom and Dad sent for Easter are just lovely. Two nice bouquets of multi-colored roses. They even came with a little Easter egg tin of chocolates. How sweet.

I told Mom last night that I still remember the Easter morning that I came into the living and found two HUGE rabbit paw prints on the living room rug. Who would have thought that the Easter Bunny left talcum powder paw prints. Mom says she didn't remember doing that and suggested maybe it was Dad.

[Or maybe it really WAS the Easter Bunny.]

Gary was on call Saturday and on back-up yesterday. I did more sanding and cleaning and moved all the contractors stuff into one corner of the living room. They're working on the stairs to the wine cellar, so the main space of the living room taken up by saw horses, lumber, table saws, etc. I wanted to clear out the dining room as best I could to see how the table would look. Nice thing about the house - it manages to make a ten-person extension table look petite. Glad I bought two buffets, since one would look very lonely.

I assembled one of the buffets. I would say all by myself, but Gary had to help at the end when I couldn't get the doors to hang correctly. But we figured it out, and I'm sure the second one will go better. They're REALLY heavy, though.

By the way, Crate and Barrel has been fabulous to deal with. At the store, they were amazingly helpful and friendly. When I called back the following day to add another piece to the order, it was no problem. The delivery scheduling folks called and followed up exactly when they said they would. The delivery guys were there just when they said they would be and the whole unloading operation took about 15 minutes. And the store just called me to make sure that everything went smoothly with the delivery.

[That's the way to ensure repeat customers.]

Speaking of delivery, poor Jennifer is still waiting for "Teddy's" arrival. She's about ten days overdue at this point, and is miserably uncomfortable. The baby is positioned just right, ready to go . . . but not just yet. I dreamt about Jennifer last night - it wasn't as vivid as the last time I dreamt about her when she was pregnant, but I told her that since a) I had the dream, and b) I have a rental car for Wednesday (so I can come out and see her in the hospital), she will have the baby between now and then.

[I know she's hoping for that.]

Quote du jour:

"A bit of talcum/ Is always walcum."

-- Ogden Nash (1902 - 1971) US poet
"The Baby"

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