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Updated: 03/26/02

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Tuesday, 26 March, 2002

I dropped Alien off at UPVH this morning so she could have her ultrasound done. I tried to convince her that she would be spending the day at a day spa for cats, but she saw through that one pretty quickly.

Emily, one of the residents, called me this afternoon and said that the ultrasound was done, and that Alien was "pretty pissed off about it." They didn't find anything odd, but Dr. Holt hadn't had a chance to look at the results yet, so she'll probably call me later today or tomorrow to discuss the next steps. I'll go collect my pissed-off cat at 5:00.

I have noticed several charming side effects of being back from vacation:

Exhibit A: My allergies, which had disappeared entirely during the trip, have returned. BC (Before Cocos), I was popping a couple of Bennedryl a day and going through tissues like they were, well, tissues. Got on the boat and needed a tissue three times in two weeks.

Exhibit B: My skin, which had enjoyed the glorious humidity and occasional plunge into 75 degree water, has dried out entirely. I look like a mummy. A tan mummy, but a mummy nonetheless.

[I don't think it's healthy for me to be back.]

Went through my stack of mail last night. Aside from the ever-popular bills, I got a lovely invitation from the Philadelphia Jury Selection Commission to join them for the day on April 16th.

[I never should have registered to vote.]

The last time I was summoned for jury duty, I was empaneled with 59 others for a murder case, and I couldn't bring myself to lie and say that I couldn't support the death penalty, so my prospects were looking pretty darn gloomy for getting off of a jury that was expected to go for THREE WEEKS. Until they asked if being on a jury for THREE WEEKS would pose an extreme hardship to anyone.

[In the words of our Chief Actuary, "I suppress a 'Well, DUH!' "]

Five of us. Only FIVE people out of 60 felt that not going to work for THREE WEEKS without pay would be an extreme hardship. You've got to be kidding me. Jury of one's peers? Yeah, right. It's a scary thing.

So now the big question: do I just suck it up and do it now, or try to get a postponement until the summer when the judges aren't around and I'm not likely to be selected for anything? Actually I'm leaning towards that - if only to further put off the NEXT inevitable time that I get invited to spend an exhilarating day with my peers.

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"When you go into court
you are putting your fate into the hands of
twelve people who weren't smart enough
to get out of jury duty."

Norm Crosby

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