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Updated: 03/22/07

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Thursday, 22 March, 2007

Gary bought me a new lens for my camera - a 75-300mm zoom, not to mention a back-up camera body. He found several companies that offer refurbished cameras, complete with warranties, and actually this one (EOS Digital Rebel XT) is a newer and more advanced body than my original Digital Rebel. So I would expect that it will be my primary body for the Africa trip.

I brought both the new body and the new lens down to the shore this past weekend, and took some pictures of the off-season beach crowd:

Mine, mine, mine, mine . . .

One of the locals:


And the ever-popular "All You Can Eat Crab Buffet":

All you can eat



[Only 4,918 more needed for our Wine Cellar Wall.]

Quote du jour:

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.

Aesop (620?BC - 560BC) Greek author

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