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Updated: 03/21/06

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by Neal Stephenson



Tuesday, 21 March, 2006

I am indeed still lame. Mostly because it's been, what, almost two weeks that I've left you hanging, wondering if I ever managed to watch all of HP and the GoF. [Answer: YES!] It was OK - they did a good job given the fact that the book was a gazillion pages long and they had to gloss over a lot of stuff just to make sure that the theatres could have more than one showing per day. I do love the websites where the diehard fans make little sniping comments about what the movei *should* had included/excluded, etc. Get. A. Life.

So - down the shore this past weekend. Gary was on call last night, we're going to dinner with Katie tonight, and then he's on call again tomorrow. But after that . . .


I've always thought that the smell of spring was something like grass, or flowers, or maybe even the first barbecue of the season. Apparently, tis not the case in Annapolis:

Annapolis Welcomes Spring by Burning Socks

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Is that spring in the air or an old gym sock on fire? In sailing-crazy Annapolis, boaters celebrate the first day of spring with a ceremonial Burning of the Socks, signifying it will soon be warm enough to wear boat shoes without socks.

"It's a good idea to stand upwind," warned John Morgan, 77.

The tradition began in the mid-1980s, when an employee at Annapolis Yacht Yard tired of his winter days doing engine maintenance on yachts and power boats. He stripped off his stinky socks, put them in a paint can with some lighter fluid and drank a longneck beer while looking forward to warmer days ahead.

On Monday, celebrants sipped red wine, ate oysters and speculated how long until they could go barefoot without their toes reddening from the cold.

[In a few days, I too will be sockless.]


[Only 7,241 more needed for our wine cellar wall.]

Quote du jour:

"A government is not an old pair of socks that you throw away."

Boris Yeltsin (1931 - ____) Russian politician

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